lunes, 9 de abril de 2007

The Company FOX Films Kills Horses


Here's the quick story on Fox:
Fox Films’ cameras were rolling as a horse was brutally killed while filming Flicka. Fox Films refused to allow the outtakes to be viewed by the media or investigators for the City of Los Angeles. This unbelievable arrogance demonstrates the muscle the film industry has in Hollywood. The only thing they understand is money!
Fox Films continues to keep the footage secret.
Fox Films lied about how the horse died and releasing the footage would prove them to be liars!
Fox Films deserves to lose money on Flicka! You can make sure they do!
Fox Films killed 2 horses in shooting the film Flicka!
Fox Films lied about it!
Fox Films offered me $2500 to keep quiet about it!
Fox Films refused to stop endangering horses!
Tim McGraw was too much a coward to open his mouth!
The American Humane Association covered it up!
The American Humane association lied about it!
Flicka’s US run is over! And we have seriously cost Fox money at the box office! $12 million by all accounts!
The battle now moves to foreign releases and DVD sales!
Here's where we stand:
And we have cost Fox $12 million at the box office!

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